Cimbro Rosso: two souls in one body

Villa Corniole is a family-run business, located in Val di Cembra, an amazing Alpine Valley, devoted to high quality wine production.

The Pellegrini family, owner of the company, bought the vines in Val di Cembra and in Piana Rotaliana during the second half of the 1990s. The first wine production was made at the beginning of the 2000s and since then the company has embarked on a virtuous path of growth, offering Metodo Classico Sparkling wine (Traditional Method) alongside their still wines.

Now, our focus is on a wine made from the vineyards located in Piana Rotaliana, Cimbro rosso, a blend of Teroldego and Lagrein grapes.

Piana Rotaliana, on the border between Trentino and Alto Adige, marks a border between the North and South of Europe, between a Germanic and a Mediterranean area. It is a valley surrounded by rocky mountains, shaped for millennia by an ancient glacier.

Piana Rotaliana has always been a favourite area for viticulture, defined by Cesare Battisti as, “The most beautiful vine garden in Europe.” Piana Rotaliana has proved to be the ideal area for growing Teroldego grapes and other varieties including Lagrein, Cabernet and Merlot.

An area with very specific geological characteristics, shallow soil, mainly silty-sandy, rich in mineral elements such as dolomitic and calcareous and porphyritic debris with good drainage. The vineyards from which Cimbro Rosso is made are located in the Municipality of Mezzolombardo and the pruning system is the traditional Pergola Trentina.

Cimbro rosso, “Two souls in one body, divine red sunset of the Brenta Dolomites”; a blend of Teroldego (60%) and Larein (40%). The grapes are selectively harvested and vinified individually and crushed separately from the stems. Fermentation is done at a controlled temperature of 26-28°C, with maceration for about 8-12 days and is then subjected to the pumpover process. Maturation takes place exclusively in stainless-steel tanks and before going on the market, the wine spends a few months in the bottle.

Cimbro Rosso – Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT – 2018

This wine is crystal clear, with an intense ruby red colour and immediately shows its body when poured into a glass.

On the nose, the wine has a remarkable olfactory intensity, and the aromas open up slowly, starting with delicious hints of berries, blackberries and blueberries most of all. The olfactory aspect then evolves towards spicy notes with delicate balsamic hints.

In the mouth, it is very elegant and embraces the palate, but at the same time it has remarkable acidity and strong minerality. The tannins are medium but never intrusive. In short, it is a balanced wine, medium bodied, with some aging potential.

Cimbro rosso is a food-friendly wine that pairs really well with cold cuts, succulent first courses, delicate soups and mature cheese.

Producer: Villa Corniole

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I live in a stunning and charming land, where wine culture is a pivotal element in everyday life and has been part of the culture for centuries.
I believe that wine tasting, although requiring a certain rigor, should be fun, and above all it has to be a sensory and enriching journey.

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