#GIMMEFIVI 2021: a time to meet up with FIVI

#GIMMEFIVI is a time when wine enthusiasts can meet up with FIVI, have the opportunity to taste a selection of wines produced by the members of FIVI, combined with the possibility of hearing the stories of the wines and associated values ​directly from the voice of a winemaker at the event.

Before going into detail about the #GIMMEFIVI event in which I took part, I believe it is necessary to introduce briefly the FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers). This is a non-profit organisation whose aims are to promote and protect the work and interests of independent Italian winemakers, as the people who implement the complete wine production cycle, from the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling and marketing of the final product. Currently, the associates are over 1,300 spread all over the regions of Italy.

The contact between the winemakers and the wine enthusiasts is guaranteed by certain places, called Punti d’Affezione FIVI (wine shops, wine bars, restaurants and taverns). These places share values ​​such as typicality, territoriality, craftsmanship and sustainability of the production and distribution chain with the independent winemakers.

#GIMMEFIVI at Enoteca La Cantina di Oggiono (LC)

The evening was conducted by Daniele Chinello alongside and an exceptional winemaker called Isabella Pelizzatti Perego of the ARPEPE company. This event was held in the tasting room, set up in the characteristic wine cellar of the wine shop, and offered the opportunity to taste five wines masterfully paired with tantalising tapas.


Minutolo 100%

An interesting refermented bottle wine obtained from Minutolo, an indigenous Apulian variety, which is not very productive and was close to extinction, but has recently been rediscovered. Fermentation is carried out with selected yeast. This is an unfiltered and unfined wine that ages in stainless-steel tanks on the fine lees for 8 months and is then bottled. There is only small production of this wine.

  • Look: hazy, lemon colour.
  • Smell: medium intensity with floral, citrus and stone fruit aromas.
  • Taste: fresh with a creamy mousse and a medium plus finish with fragrant flavours.
  • Pairing: croutons with truffle oil and South Tyrolean porchetta.

Producer: Marco Ludovico


Albana 100%

A dry version of the white Albana di Romagna wine. Fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeast. The wine does not undergo any kind of fining process. It matures for 6 months in concrete tanks and for at least 3 months in the bottle. It has a screw cap closure.

  • Look: clear, gold colour.
  • Smell: pronounced intensity with stone fruit, wax and citrus aromas.
  • Taste: smooth, fresh and balanced, with a mineral and long finish.
  • Pairing: toasted bread with Castelmagno cheese DOP with wildflower honey.

Producer: Società Agricola Marta Valpiani


Corvina, Corvinone e Rondinella

Vinified exclusively with indigenous yeast in temperature controlled stainless-steel tanks. Aging in stainless-steel tanks for 9-11 months. A young, lively and straightforward red wine with a screw cap closure.

  • Look: clear, ruby red colour.
  • Smell: medium intensity, fuity and floral aromas.
  • Taste: medium body, fresh and balanced with medium and pleasant tannins.
  • Pairing: multi-grain breadsticks and Bresaola della Valtellina DOP.

Producer: Antolini


Aglianico 100%

A fascinating interpretation of Aglianico from the Benevento region. Fermentation takes place with indigenous yeast in temperature controlled stainless- steel tanks, with slow maceration for about 30 days. 80% of the wine ages in stainless-steel tanks and the remaining 20% is oaked ​​in barrique for about 12 months; the wine then spends a further period of about 12 months in the bottle. It is organic certified.

  • Look: clear, intense ruby red colour.
  • Smell: pronounced intensity with blackberry, bramble, black plum and prune aromas, along with herbal notes with hints of the first tertiary aromas.
  • Taste: long lasting with a smooth, balanced, medium (+) body, medium (+) acidity and minerality, and medium (+) tannins.
  • Pairing: toasted bread with brandy bacon.Abbinamento: crostini con guanciale al Brandy.

Producer: Cantine Fosso degli Angeli


Moscato Bianco di Canelli 100%

Two vintages of the same wine were part of this tasting, so the developing of this Moscato d’Asti that combines sweetness and aromaticity could be appreciated. The grapes are softly pressed, and the must is fermented in pressurised stainless-steel tanks with indigenous yeast until it reaches 5.5% abv. The fermentation is stopped by dropping the temperature. Filtration and isobaric bottling follow.

2020 vintage

  • Look: clear, lemon-green colour.
  • Smell: aromatic, pronounced intensity of acacia, peach, apricot and sage aromas.
  • Taste: sweet, balanced with high acidity.

2019 vintage

  • Look: clear, lemon-green colour.
  • Smell: aromatic, pronounced intensity with orange blossom, peach and thyme aromas. The aromatic characteristics are less intense and more developed than the 2020 vintage and more mineral notes are apparent in this one.
  • Taste: sweet, fresh, balanced and elegant.
  • Pairing: butter biscuits with honey and nuts.

Producer: Azienda Agricola Emilio Vada

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I live in a stunning and charming land, where wine culture is a pivotal element in everyday life and has been part of the culture for centuries.
I believe that wine tasting, although requiring a certain rigor, should be fun, and above all it has to be a sensory and enriching journey.

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