Maso Grener: Chardonnay from the mountains

Maso Grener is located in Pressano, on the Avisiane Hills, in the Trento Province. The cellar is nested in a large vineyard along the Trentino Wine Route. A family-run company, with a long tradition in the wine sector, who began their own wine production in 2013.

The Avisian hills are characterised by a sedimentary soil of ancient formation, with limestone, sandstone and marl stratifications. Ora del Garda and the northern winds constantly blow on the slopes of the hills allowing the growth of excellent and healthy vines.

The company owns about 3 hectares of vineyards with a spectacular view on the Dolomites and the Adige Valley. Vigna Tratta vineyard has an extension of about 2 and a half hectares in the Municipality of Lavis, and it is located at an altitude between 300 and 350 metres above sea level, with west / south-west exposure. Dolomite origin soil guarantees wines with marked elegance, balance, minerality and longevity. Maso Grener grows Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes on this plot.

Maso Grener decided to follow the tradition and the experience of the winemakers who have worked these lands for centuries, and relies on organic and biodynamic cultivation practices.

Chardonnay Vigna Tratta – Trentino DOC – 2018


Grapes from 30 to 40 year old vines, are strictly hand-harvested, and soft pressed with minimal oxygen contact. Control temperature fermentation is done in stainless-steel tanks. The wine is left on the lees until bottling after the first racking.

Crystal clear wine with a golden colour, immediately shows good viscosity in the glass. On the nose, it is intense, complex and elegant. It has sunny citrus notes, with tropical fruit nuances of pineapple and a light note of sweet spices to finish.

It has an impressive texture, is dry with a well managed pseudo-caloric sensation. It is smooth with a fresh and mineral palate, fruity notes, with elegant salinity to embrace the finish. With considerable potential for longevity, it would be really interesting to taste it again in a few years time to judge its real potential.

Perfect pairing with fresh soft cheese from Trentino, but you should absolutely try it with fish or mushroom based dishes.

Producer: Maso Grener

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