Mazzì 2021, The Confirmation of Rosa del golfo

Rosa del Golfo, a winery based in Salento, with a history that goes back in time for over two centuries. It is well known for the highest quality wines that are produced from native grapes. Among these, is Mazzì which we will talk about today, a rosé wine made from 90% Negroamaro and the remaining 10% from Malvasia Nera Leccese, Furthermore, Mazzì is also the name of the vineyard and the district of Alezio, the municipality where the winery is located.

Salento is a region that boasts a long history in the production of wine, especially rosé wine. The Calò family decided to allocate the most important cru to rosé winemaking, a choice that cannot be considered obvious, that clearly shows the company’s wish to enhance the region and its traditions. The vines are bush trained, a training system locally known as “Alberello Pugliese”, with some of the plants that are older than half a century. The soil is mainly clay and calcareous, with “terra rossa” which is rich in iron. Yields are low, less than 40-50 quintals per hectare, that result in 25-30 litres of wine per quintal of grapes.

Mazzì, that was considered an experimental wine until a few years ago, definitively dispels the taboo on the -opportunity – if not impossibility – to mature a rosé wine in wood vats. The wine, in fact, ferments in 550-litre tonneaux made with different woods, including acacia, cherry, chestnut and oak. The vinification takes place with the traditional “Vinificazione a Lacrima”, with alcoholic fermentation carried out by native yeasts in concrete fermenters. It is a short contact of the skins with the must that takes place without breaking the cap at a controlled temperature between 15 and 18 ° C. The must remains in contact with the lees for 24-36 hours, so that the wine becomes typically coral in coluor before racking. At the end of the vinification, the Mazzì ages in barrels for about 6 months.

From a climatic point of view, 2021 was a very hot vintage, with a temperature almost 2 ° C higher than the thirty-year period 1991-2020. Rainfall was also particularly low during the year, with the last rain before harvest dating back to Epiphany. Il was a difficult vintage, so this makes the final result even more extraordinary.

Let’s move on to wine tasting.

It is a wine crystalline with a beautiful intense coral pink colour with carmine veins, it has a wide and intriguing aroma profile. We perceive fruity hints of cherry, blueberriy and raspberry, which are admirably integrated with floral nuances of roseand violet, followed by Mediterranean herbs and a delicate sweet spiciness. In the mouth, the wine’s softness balances the freshness, but above all the savoriness, is a remarkable feature of this surprising rosé. The wood maturation gives to the wine a perceptible astringency, due to the tannin released by the wood. The finish is long lasting with a berry flavoured aftertaste.

Vigorous and refreshing, Mazzì is an asignificant rosé wine, a successful experience that is the result of a twenty year journey. This Mazzì 2021 can be drunk immediately, or it can be stored in the cellar for a few years. The wine can be paired with complex fish preparations or pasta dishes such as pasta alla matriciana.

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