Alessandro Gaboardi

DipWSET, AIS Wine Sommelier and Marketing Expert

I live in a stunning and charming land, where wine culture is a pivotal element in everyday life and has been part of the culture for centuries.

Thanks to this, I have learnt a lot about how determination for the work done in the vines and the cellar can produce wines with character, which have the ability to reveal the unique features from the terroir of origin.

Touring small wineries of excellence, visiting renowned wine producers, and exploring areas dedicated to viticulture, sometimes unknown or undervalued, in Italy and abroad, have increased my attention to, and knowledge of, aspects such as organic farming, biodynamic winemaking and above all environmental sustainability.

This Blog, written in Italian and English, aims to give easy access to information, facts and common curiosities. With simple and clear language I describe wines that I love, talk about regions and areas that fascinate me and offer advice about pairing food and wine.

I believe that wine tasting, although requiring a certain rigor, should be fun, and above all it has to be a sensory and enriching journey.

If you are a wine lover… you are in the right place!

Enjoy reading.

Alessandro Genova

Wine lover, AIS Wine Sommelier and Marketing Expert

Previously, the wine was white or red for me, sometimes it was the middle ground, sometimes it had bubbles, or it was sweet. Then I started this journey in the knowledge of wine, with its many expressions, types, and the countless territories perfect for growing vines.

I met some wonderful people, with whom it is always possible to be amazed and often excited, while tasting a glass of wine.

I learned that vines grow in many places in Italy, as well as all over the world. I found that these places are always beautiful, immersed in nature, and while anthropized they are still always rural. I studied how wine is made, I visited wineries, I talked to agronomists, oenologists and other workers in the wine trade. I learned tasting techniques by studying the wine vocabulary, but gradually discovered that it is the wine in the glass that tells you a lot of things, suggesting the words if you can hear them.

Also, when considering wine and food pairings, understanding how and why we like it, the importance of this over time, discovering the evolution with mankind on their journey through history, and that it has also been a source of inspiration for many artists, are all important.

We will try to share our knowledge by telling stories, with the goal of meeting new fellow travellers on this journey.

Join us and welcome!