Vinissimo 2022

Market Exhibition of Natural, Organic and Biodynamic Wines

Is this another event focused on wine?! Yes, it is but with a specific nature.

First of all, VINISSIMO hosts only organic, biodynamic, natural and PIWI wines (PIWI: grape varieties that have a high resistance to fungal diseases and enable a significant reduction in the use of pesticides).

Secondly, VINISSIMO is above all about culture. Indeed, VINISSIMO differs from other events, which are glamorous and a sophisticated image, insteadit aims to promote what is really important to us, which is people’s life and passion behind (or rather inside) a bottle of wine.

These are small craft winemakers who care about the land, environment and nature that surrounds them, and people who respect the plants and grapes and transform them according to tradition, without any chemical and modern intervention. This is the reason why VINISSIMO is for ethical and sustainable viticulture.

VINISSIMO is an event closer to the peasant fairs of the past where conviviality is an essential element, rather than the super-glamour wine exhibitions of today.

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I live in a stunning and charming land, where wine culture is a pivotal element in everyday life and has been part of the culture for centuries.
I believe that wine tasting, although requiring a certain rigor, should be fun, and above all it has to be a sensory and enriching journey.

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