Winelovers Wine Awards – Discovering the Wines of Central and Eastern Europe

There is a fascinating and diverse offer of wines from Central-Eastern Europe, and very often these can reflect unique terroirs and ancient wine traditions well established in the region of origin.

Perhaps the most popular wine producer country in Central and Eastern Europe is Hungary; thanks to its excellent, elegant, and unique Tokaji Aszú it has earned respect and admiration on the world stage, but I can assure you that there is much, much more.

Countries such as Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Ukraine have shown potential in recent years. The quality of their production has increased exponentially, the styles have evolved and diversified, but the unique selling proposition of their offer is the diversity and singularity of the grape varieties.

Two factors of change have brought and will bring more and more to the spotlights these wine regions: climate change and the evolution of consumer tastes and preferences.

It is well known that climate change has a significant impact on viticulture, with negative effects in most cases. However, in certain scenarios, opportunities have been created. One of these, is the possibility of experimenting with the cultivation of vines in areas considered “less suitable” for viticulture and today some countries of Central-Eastern Europe are in the ideal position to take advantage of it.

The change in consumer tastes and preferences is another factor that plays in favour of “lesser known” wine regions. In fact, demand is evolving and so many wine lovers are looking for “new” wines that are able to excite and communicate the characteristics of the terroir.

In order to respond appropriately to these factors, both the international hospitality and trade sectors are adapting. Now, in the wine lists of restaurants and wine bars the Sommeliers have started to introduce “unexpected” options, and at the same time distributors and importers have expanded the number of references in their catalogues, especially to wines from these countries.

With the aim of helping wine enthusiasts and professionals to discover and choose excellent wines from Central and Eastern Europe, the Winelovers Wine Awards competition was born.

Winelovers Wine Awards

Now in its third year, the Winelovers Wine Awards, is the most relevant wine competition in Central and Eastern Europe. Its objectives are to become a reference point for the region, promote its wines and establish interactions between producers, distributors and consumers.

Winelovers X – Experts, Exhibition, Exclusivity

Over and above the awards offered by the contest, there is also an event which provides an exclusive opportunity for attendees to meet in person producers, distributors, judges and professionals at the Winelovers X – Experts, Exhibition, Exclusivity.

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  • When: 28-30 June 2024
  • Where: Budapest, Hungary
  • Results: wines awarded in the previous editions
  • Jury: discover the members of the jury
  • Buyers: importers and distributors present
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