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Vinitaly 2024: The Unstoppable Way Towards Internationalisation

The spotlight has been turned off on the 56th Vinitaly. But, here are some figures showing how this year’s exhibition can be considered very successful.

So far, in terms of visitors, Vinitaly confirmed itself as by far the largest professional trade fair dedicated to the world of wine. The attendance recorded during the four days of the event, that took place from 14 to 17 April 2024, was 97,000 people, of which 31% were foreign operators coming from about 140 countries; among these, countries such as the USA, Germany, UK, China, and Canada were the most well represented.

These figures show how the way towards the internationalisation of Vinitaly has been traced through a strategy that invested in the incoming of selected foreign buyers and created and strengthened Vinitaly in key export countries for Italian wine.

Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere, illustrated the goals that had been set for the 2024 edition and how these had been achieved: “This edition of the exhibition wants to help ignite a further spotlight on Italian wine, which has, in Vinitaly, its trade fair brand of global promotion. With this strategy of promotion, we have just finished a tour of the world, of 18 cities in 15 nations, that lasted over a semester, oto make a careful selection of the main buyers to be invited to Vinitaly“.

The exhibition was completely ‘sold-out’ with more than 100 thousand square metres being occupied by 4,000 companies; this validates how Vinitaly is crucial in catalysing the companies’ needs of promoting the industry in Italy and abroad.

This is reinforced by Maurizio Danese’s, CEO of Veronafiere words: “It is a strong conviction that we can do so much for a sector that we feel we are such an integral part of. At a time that is certainly not easy, we feel even more forced to give the right answers to those who invest in the event. The first key word is undoubtedly ‘business’, the second is ‘awareness’ of a strategic capital – as well as identity – for the Italian and European economy that is increasingly under the lens of alarmist theses“.

We are now ready for Vinitaly 2025, whichwill be held in Verona, from 6 to 9 April.

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